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Refresh your stale and outdated website.

Website Redesign

Your business evolves, and so should your website.

Redesigning your old website will ensure your code meets current standrards and the look and feel is modern (not stale).Your visitors should be treated to new and refreshing content and layout. It is human nature to get bored with the old and mundane. Keep your customers coming back to see what's new. Let our web designers redesign your website in a manner that retains your business Image, while refreshing your website's LOOK and FEEL.

Businesses redesign their websites for a variety of reasons. "I think many companies decide to redesign their site because something has changed," says Emily Cotler, co-author of Web Redesign 2.0. "Either they have a new product, their industry position has changed, or their audience has changed their expectations, habits, or technological capabilities. But it's often hard to identify how the Website should be redesigned to meet the challenge of those changes."

We use the latest Search Engine Management and Optimization techniques to get your website noticed by the major search engines.  We accomplish this without compromising your existing Ranking History

Use your website to include your customer's feedback and marketing research. If you are thinking your website does not reflect your businesses profile, or is not getting the results you expect, we are ready to help. We will price on a project basis, or by the hour; whichever fits your needs.  Our standard design and development rate is $70/hr.