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When it comes to Facebook Page Likes, is Quantity better than Quality?


Lately, all the potential Social Media Marketing Clients I meet want to focus on how to get more 'Likes' on their Facebook Page.  In looking at a couple of different Insights from Pages I administer, I see some correlation in the number of weekly Page Engaged Users.

Pages who have increased their 'Likes' quickly versus Pages who are growing by a modest 10% per month have totally different paths.  Curiously, the Pages with the modest growth in 'Likes' (5% to 10%) have increased their numbers of Engaged Users by 200 - 300 %.  The high growth Pages barely increase their numbers of Engaged Users proportionately to their growth in Likes.

My marketing background tells me that I would much rather get people coming to my Page who are going to share and engage, versus the quick 'Like' who most likely won't stick around more than a month or so.  To me, there are a couple of goals.  Create buzz and excitement around my Clients products and services and to drive traffic to the Client's Call-to-Action webpages.

 The data I used in my unscientific analysis was from Pages that are at least 1 year old and have more than 800 likes.

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